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The BMC – View My World

The BMC – View My World


Last weekend I took a Basic Mountaineering Course which was organized by Green Mountain Tribe (GMT). It is a two day course of information overload with practical exams after. The discussion revolves around Leave No Trace Principle, basic first aid and  ropemanship. At the end of the class we were given the chance to do rappelling which I did The Aussie Style!!! To be honest the topics are informative and practical. Since we are engaged in outdoor activities, a lot of things can happen. It is better to be prepared every climb whether its minor but most specially on major climbs. Our instructors explains the topics clearly and made it more lively. They even deliver some of their best hugot lines. ☺ I admit I felt sleepy on some parts because I don’t have enough sleep. I’m so relieved when I knew that I was able to pass the practical exam. I know I didn’t perform well, I might have a terrible score. Still I’m thankful. I met a lot of people on this BMC. Some of them are soon to be Emergency Medical Technician which I find cool.

Attending BMC made me realize that we need to respect the enviroment and the locals. Respecting in a way, we’ll not throw even the smallest litter we have since it may have a negative effect on the mountain’s ecosystem. Aside from that we need to respect the locals, obey their rules and behave appropriately. After all, we were all visitors of mother nature.

I’m really looking forward to attend more classes like this, and meeting other people who’s passionate about mountains. Joining GMT is my way to expand my network. And this BMC is the beginning of my engagement with the Team. I’m still a long way ahead. What started last November 2015 as my introductory climb gave me reasons to visit more mountains too and learn more.

I’m ending this blog post by sharing the Leave No Trace principle as points to ponder. 😊

Leave No Trace.

plan ahead and prepare
travel and camp on durable surfaces
dispose of waste properly
leave what you find
minimize campfire impacts
respect wildlife
be considerate of other visitors

Written By: Kim Bryan Lambert

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