Mt.Batolusong / Mapatag Plateau + Susong Dalaga + Kay Ibon falls Sidetrip

Mt.Batolusong / Mapatag Plateau + Susong Dalaga + Kay Ibon falls Sidetrip

Mt.Batolusong Dayhike Itinerary

Elevation: 640 M.A.S.L. Mapatag Platue
780 M.A.S.L. Susong Dalaga
Entry point:
Brgy.San Andres,Tanay,Rizal
Exit Point: Marcos Highway

Proposed Dayhike Itinerary

0400 Assembly at Jolibee Farmers Cubao
0430 ETD to Cogeo Gate 2
0530 ETA Cogeo Gate 2 / Take Jeep Going to Brgy. Sampaloc
0700 ETA “Batangas” Take Habal-Habal going to Brgy.San Andres
0730 Brgy. San Andres / Register at Brgy Hall and Secure Guide
0800 Start Trek
0930 ETA Duhatan Ridge
1000 ETA Mapatag Platue / Rest
1030 Resume Trekking Going to Susong Dalaga
1230 ETA Susong Dalaga / Snack
1300 Start Descend going to Kay Ibon Falls
1400 ETA Kay Ibon Falls / Lunch / Swim
1600 Resume Trekking going to Exit Point (Marcos highway)
1630 ETA Highway / Wait For Jeep
1730 ETA Antipolo City
1900 ETA Manila

The Hike Itself is very accessible any time of the Year, The Trail is a Trek Friendly  most specially to the new climbers who wants to spend a day on the outdoors. Kay Ibon Falls is a famous sidetrip after the climb. Limatiks are sometimes present along the trail most specially during rainy seasons.

If you are doing the Traverse trail going to Marcos Highway, Kay Ibon Falls will be the last wash area that you are going to pass by. (Just to remind you guys, Using any Soap or Detergent at any water source or any water form along the mountain is strictly prohibited)

Images During the Team’s Day hike



Jeepney to Cogeo: 30 php

Jeepney to Batangas Junction : 45php

Trike: 30php/head

Reg Fee: 20php + 20php if Rangyas peak

Guide: 500/5pax

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