San Jose Circuit [Mt.Caoayan – Mt.Bungkol Baka – Mt.Tangisan]

San Jose Circuit [Mt.Caoayan – Mt.Bungkol Baka – Mt.Tangisan]







Jump Off: Sitio San Pedro, Brgy. Iba, San Jose, Tarlac
Elevation: Mt.Kawayan 590+ M.A.S.L. / Mt.Bungkol Baka 610+ M.A.S.L. /Mt.Tangisan 490+ M.A.S.L.

Approximately 17.7Km  Circuit trail

Dayhike Itinerary

0100 Assembly at Solid North Cubao (kahilera ng Victory Liner)
0130 ETD to Tarlac Siesta Terminal
0430 ETA Tarlac, Terminal / take chartered transportation
0530 ETA Sitio San Pedro, Brgy.Iba, San Jose tarlac / secure guides / register / Bfast
0630 Start Trek going to Mt.Kawayan
0930 ETA Mt.Kawayan
1000 Resume Trekking going to Mt.Bungkol Baka
1030 bayabas Junction
1130 ETA Mt.Bungkol baka Summit
1200 Trek back to Bayabas Junction
1230 Bayabas Junction / Lunch
1330 Resume Trekking to Mt.Tangisan
1530 ETA Mt.Tangisan Summit
1600 Start descend
1730 ETA Sitio San Pedro / Wash up /
1930 Take rented transpo going back to Siesta Terminal / dinner


Trails are mostly steep and exposed so climbers are also advised to bring visors and eye protections (i.e shaded). Water source can be available during rainy season but still bring your puritabs or lifestraw for  H20 purification. During summer season climbers are advised to bring 2-3 Liters of water for personal use.

To last on a 10-11 Hours Dayhike adventure besides from the laughter and sceneries trailfoods are one of the main energy source during a long hike so dont forget to bring a high protein and high carb. trail foods. A Normal to Mid pace trekking can help you maintain your ussual energy last for a long tiring hike.


You can contact Sir Eman of Game-Nest at 09123517791 for a chartered Transportation. Hired Transportation can pick you up from Siesta terminal, Tarlac going Jump Off point and Vice versa.

Other Contacts:

09088819789 – municipal hall

09098771319 – manong johny (guide)

How to get there:
You can take Victory Liner or Solid North going to Siesta terminal, Tarlac station and from there you can contact sir Eman (details posted above) for the hired Transportation. Victory Liners 1st trip going to Siesta Tarlac is 3:00 in the morning while Solid North is an Hour ahead from Victory Liner.


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