Mt.Purgatory 2 Days Traverse itinerary

Mt.Purgatory 2 Days Traverse itinerary

Mt.Purgatory Traverse

Mt.Pack (2,290 Masl ) – Mt.Purgatory ( 2,080 Masl ) – Mt.komkompol ( 2,329 Masl )
Jump Off Point: Japas, Bokod
Exit point: Brgy. Ekip, Bokod

Proposed Itinerary

Day 0
2000 Assembly at Victory Liner Cubao
2100 ETD to Baguio City

Day 1
0200 ETA Baguio City
0230 Take Chartered Transportation going to Bokod
0300 Breakfast along the way
0330 Resume Travel
0630 ETA Bokod / Register / Team Orientation / Final Preparation
0730 Start Trekking
0830 ETA Mt.Mangakew / Orientation with locals
0900 Resume Trekking
1030 ETA Bangtinen campsite (Apx. 5 km)
1200 ETA Mt.Pack (Apx. 8km) / Re Group / Lunch
1300 Resume Trekking
1430 ETA Mt.Purgatory (Apx.10.5km) / Re Group
1500 Resume Trekking
1630 ETA Bakian Elementary School / Prepare camp at School
1700 Prepare Dinner / Dinner / Socials
2100 Lights Off

Day 2
0400 Wake up call / Prepare Bfast / Bfast / Break camp
0600 Resume Trekking going to Mt.kom-kompol
0700 ETA Mt.Tangbaw Campsite (Apx. 14km)
0830 ETA at Mt.Kom-Kompol (Apx. 17km)/ Re Group
0900 Start Descend going to Brgy.Ekip Border
1200 ETA Brgy. Ekip Border (Apx. 21.5 Km) / Wash up
1300 ETD to Baguio and Lunch Along the way
1700 ETA Baguio / Secure Tickets going back to MNL

How to get there:

From Cubao you can take the Buses heading to Baguio (Victory Liner 450.00 Php) 5-6 Hours travel time Depending on the Traffic. Upon Arriving to Baguio make a courtesy call to your rented transpo to pick you up at Victory baguio terminal or At Caltex Infornt of Victory Terminal. Ask Ur Driver to drop by at any Restaurants for Breakfast Before Heading to Jump Off Point. Travel Time is around 2 and half to 3 hours .

What to Expect:

A 21Km Traverse From Japas, Bokod going to its Exit point located at Ekip, Bokod.
Trail class may vary from Open to pine forest to Mossy Forest, prepare yourself for a Gradual to Steep ascent that awaits upon trekking the said Traverse but a well establish trail even a Monster Jeeps and Motorcycle can pass through.

Brief History:

Mt Purgatory was named by the Americans who made the mountain as their relay station way back their time. They found the Chilling weather to be like as the same as at Purgatory (The real “Purgatory”).

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