Mt.Sicapoo Traverse 3 Days Itinerary

Mt.Sicapoo Traverse 3 Days Itinerary

Mt.Sicapoo Traverse

Solsona, Ilocos Norte
Entry point: Gasgas River, Brgy. Manalpac, Solsona
Exit point: Solsona Dam, Brgy. Manalpac, Solsona
Major Climb


Day 0
1800 Assembly
1930 ETD manila to Laoag

Day 1
0400 ETA Laoag; Take jeep to Solsona (rent it if your with a team)
0500 Register at Solsona Police Station
0600 ETA jump off / Secure Guide / Final Preparation
0700 Start trek / Gasgas river crossings
1100 Lunch (last part of River Crossing)
1200 Start Ascend up to Saulay campsite
1600 ETA Saulay campsite / set camp / Prepare Dinner
1800 Dinner / socials
2100 Lights Out

Day 2
0400 wake up call / prepare Bfast / Bfast
0600 Start Trek
0830 ETA Bubuos campsite
1030 ETA pakpako Campsite
1230 ETA Mt.Sicapoo Summit / Lunch / Photo Ops
1330 Start Descend
1830 ETA Saulay campsite / Prepare Dinner
1930 Dinner Socials
2200 Lights out

Day 3
0600 Start trek via Timarid-Simagaysay
0900 ETA Mt. Timarid
1100 ETA Mt. Simagaysay / regroup / Lunch
1200 Resume Trek
1300 ETA One Degree Plateau, exit to Solsona dam
1530 Exit / Wash-up
1630 ETD to Laoag
1730 ETA laoag / Head back to Manila


Mt.Sicapoo is counted as one of themost toughest mountain in the Phillipipnes.
With trail class of exposed trail, Multiple River Crossings, steep and long ascends and long forest line.
The famous penguin peak can be reach in Day 2 of the hike, Hikers are expected to be physically and mentally prepared before taking this challenge; so do a lot of long day hikes and work out that quads and mind settings. Mt.Sicapoo is advised to be climb during summer season because of the river streams that may cause delays or casualties to the hikers during rainy season. Limatik are also present on the trail so bring those spray bottles with alcohols on it.

Elevation profile:
Balbalitok : 1100+masl
Saulay: 1280+masl
Bubuos: 1410+masl
Balbalite: 1580+masl
Pakpako: 1620+masl
Matalindong: 1680+masl
Sicapoo: 2300+masl
Timarid: 1500+masl
Simagaysay: 1300+masl

Buses going to Laoag

• Partas
Cubao, Bus Terminal
816 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone Number:
+63 (2) 7278278

• GV Florida
Sampaloc Manila

• Farinas
(02) 731 4507


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