Brooks Caldera

Brooks Caldera


Image by: Active Pinas Event: The King of the mountain – Four lakes 100 km

Used my Brooks caldera at some trail running event 32km to 100km Trail Run, Even used it on some Multi Day hikes with different terrains and weather conditions.

Quick Specification

Support: Neutral
Weight: 9.90ox / 280.7g
Midsole Drop: 4mm
Arch: Medium or high
Market price: 5,500 Php

For a bulky shoes its surprisingly light weight. The sole is obviously high for better cushion and support, Ideal for Ultra Marathons or 100 milers. You can run longer miles with this one! Brooks Caldera is obviously cheaper than other brand but the quality and performance is the same or even better! This is a mid-height stack lower rise longer distance everyday run shoe. You can enjoy any terrain with this shoes! But it also has a weak point Mud, Tight cornering and Technical trail, but with the help of your Trail running skill you can overcome these weak areas. Remember every shoes has it own flaws.

It also has a part on the tongue where you can hide its lace so it won’t come on your way while running.

On its back part there’s a  place where you can attach some running gaiters. (Very good Brooks! Plus points for this one!)

For me this shoes is a great weapon for Ultra Trail Runs and also recommended for hiking!


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