Here are some tips for you guys to be more prepared on your upcoming races. Enjoy Reading!

The Before the Big Day

  • Prepare your running clothes and running gears the night before the race, so you wont forget anything.
  • Review the race course.
  • Check and recheck your running shoes every after training or every time you use it, check it if its still on a good condition.
  • Trim your toenails.
  • The last week is critical for hydration, so keep hydrated everyday!
  • Make sure to grab enough rest before race day!


Race Day

  • Wake up early so you have enough time to eat, bath and hydrate etc.
  • Don’t forget to use any lubricants to avoid chafing.
  • Double/Triple check if you have everything you need! Most specially your race kit.
  • Leave early so you won’t caught up by any traffics.
  • Warm up and loosen up before the race start.
  • Pray! It works!


Gas up and Hydrate!

  • Eat light meal an hour or two before the race.
  • Avoid Acidic foods.
  • Avoid Dairy products.
  • Pre hydrate (100-150 ml) and eat light snacks (crackers or piece of bread) 30 minutes before the race.



  • Find your perpetual pace.
  • Avoid running above your average pace. You don’t want to end up burned down after an hour.
  • On the starting line avoid being caught up to sprint with the pack.
  • Find a running buddy with your same pace, It’s better to have someone to talk and laugh to most especially on long runs.
  • Set a pace so you can finish it before the cut off time.


Aid Stations (water, power drinks and foods)

  • Don’t forget to Hydrate Aid stations.
  • Always check your water bottles/Hydration Bags if it still has some water on it.
  • Sip at least 100-200 ml of water even you are not that thirsty.
  • Eat and Gas up! For you to sustain the amount of energy you needed during the race.
  • If you are doing a Half marathon, Full marathon or Ultra Marathons make sure to have some supplements with you (Power Gel, Energy Bars, Salt stick, power drinks etc.)


Few Reminders

  • Stay loose and relax don’t over pressure yourself!
  • Shake up! Make sure you shake those upper body muscle to avoid tightness.
  • Always check your running posture, Avoid slouching on the latter part of the race
  • Never ever to forget to enjoy the run!
  • Always be positive!
  • Always check the time.
  • Try to sprint walk during uphills.



  • If experiencing some pain, slow down and assess your self. If the pain continuously occurs or has a high pain level ask for medical assistant.
  • Seriously! STOP! When you already feel bad. Its just another race there’s still more to come!
  • Remember that pain is sign that there’s something wrong in our body.
  • Remember Minor Injuries can become a major setback on your future races.


The After race (post-race)

  • After crossing the finish line, Don’t forget to hydrate.
  • Immediately Attend your blisters, wounds, cramping or injuries.
  • Restore glycogen with healthy and nutritious meal.
  • Gas up! Eat carbs!
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks after the race, Let your body recover and repair.
  • Stretch every part of your body after a long tiring race, It also helps to avoid lactic acid build up.
  • After crossing the finish line avoid lying or sitting down, keep moving to cooldown.


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