Malarayat Trilogy

Malarayat Trilogy

Malarayat Trilogy

By: Avs Elfa

The Malarayat Trilogy (Malipunyo – Biak na Bundok – Manabu) is the final minor climb for batch 12 and part of the application.

Participants meet-up in Mcdonald’s Pasay around 0330H. After an hour, everyone headed to Buendia to rode a bus going to Lipa, Batangas.

After getting off the bus in SM Lipa, everyone has to rent a tricycle going to JOP at Brgy. Talisayen. Upon arriving the JOP, Ceejay, the founder of the team, assigned roles to the 8 applicants present during the hike. The team was headed by Rhynald Alcala and Kuya Mario as the guide. Melo, a member of GMT, also joined the activity. Kelvin dela Torre was assigned to be the team Medic. Julius Riogelon was the Mid Man and Jon Aquino as the Sweep.

The climb was blessed with good weather after typhoon Lawin before the climb. But it wasn’t easy, even energizer bunny would have stopped and failed to keep on going. The 1st compression stop was done after 40 minutes of trekking on the waterfalls that is along the trail. It has been a 2-hr long hike before reaching Malipunyo. It was also decided to have the lunch on the summit of Malipunyo.

Mt.Malipunyo summit

After lunch, a short photo op was done before continuing trekking again going to Biak-na-Bundok. At exactly 1440H, the lead team reached the summit and waited for the rest to arrive. Compare to Malipunyo, the summit in Biak-na-Bundok was too bare to bear the scorching sun. Good thing the scenery was worth watching. Again, a short photo ops was done before heading towards the next summit.

Biak na Bundok

The trail going to Manabu was comprised of tall talahibs (grass). Somehow, everyone was thankful of that since it saved everyone from the heat. It’s a 2-3 hrs long before reaching the summit of Manabu.

Mt.Manabu Summit

Another photo ops was done on the summit of Manabu (that has a cross in there). Ceejay told everyone it was the birth place of GMT.

We descended at exactly 1740 and indeed it was getting dark on the trail. Along the trail we stop at Tatay Tino kubo to rest and also to taste his famous Alamid coffee (Civet Coffee) for free.

It was indeed a tiring day because of 11 hrs trek but it was memorable for everyone present that day knowing they have exceeded the strength they just aware of.

Photo Credits: Julius Riogelon


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