Road Raid 2013

Road Raid 2013

Road Raid is an event Green Mountain Tribe holds each year during the Christmas season, where we roam around Metro Manila and drop donation packages to poor families we find on the streets. These packages include everyday food items such as rice and canned goods that may help give them comfort even only for a few days. We also distribute old toys to street children.

for the last 6 years, we started conducting the Road Raid around in the streets of Manila. We are aiming to expand to more places in the metro on more upcoming years

In the spirit of giving, aside from the contributions from our group, we would like to ask for your support in achieving this goal. We would like to ask for donations either in cash or kind, such as rice, coffee, milk, sugar, noodles, canned goods, and other everyday food items. We also appreciate old toys that you would be willing to give a way to the street children.

Let us help our fellow Filipinos and share the joy of Christmas through giving. We thank you in advance and may God return your generosity tenfold.

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