Climb for a cause – Mt. Talamitam + Layong Bilog Rappelling

Climb for a cause – Mt. Talamitam + Layong Bilog Rappelling

Climb for a cause – Mt. Talamitam + Layong Bilog Rappelling


Climb for a cause

TALAMITAM, Nasugbu, Batangas

Jump-off point: Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu (KM. 83)

LLA: 14.1158° N; 120.7577° N; 630 MASL

Hours to summit:  1.5-2.2 hours

Just almost 3 hours away from Manila, Mt. Talamitam is one of the nearest destinations if you are looking for a day hike.

First stop is the sari-sari store /  karinderya of Kuya Jun . This is where people normally have their breakfast.  Right now all I can remember is their sopas , just add hard-boiled egg to give you enough protein and energy before you hike

We stopped at the registration area in the Barangay and prayed together to blessed our adventure.

Group photo first while we are still fresh

We are just starting our 1 to 2 hour adventure and this slippery road is the one to welcome you.  Swerte ka pag di ka nadulas

Paul(my manager) and Anne, Jerome D., Mark , Tin, Jeremy, May, Melvin,Ryan, Val, James and Jerome O. Smiling and excited like me, our first time to hike this mountain

Good morning!! This view is just simply adorable. Good weather and the smell of fresh air and green trees give you a happy feeling.

It is undeniable that the sun is shining really bright and though it sounds like a good thing it was actually the reason why we are feeling tired already. Stopping and looking for a good shade to allow us to breathe some air.

We actually took many rests because most of us are just beginners.   As we continued walking we are getting excited as we are now seeing the clear summit. Taking pictures as a sign of excitement.

And yes we have reached the summit. I actually thought it was a fun climb. Hahaha but it was all worth it. According to them the heat contributes to the tiring feeling so proper hydration is necessary.

And yes that’s me!!  Feeling thankful and blessed to witness a beautiful creation. Thank you Lord!

After lunch we tried rappelling at Layong Bilog. Thank you to our GMT officers Sir Ceejay , Sir Joko and Sir Marlon, for our lives were under your hands for a moment. haha

Faces of happy first timers

Personally I enjoyed rappelling. I was really nervous for a minute but it was changed to a happy high feeling while going down. That “high” feeling.

After that breathtaking moment you have be careful crossing the river. If I will have to remove this in the scene I will do the rappelling many many times. haha

Thank you to all the participants for bringing enough patience and courage doing the rappelling.

My heartfelt thanks to Joseph de Jesus, Ceejay Custodio, and Marlon Hubilla for this successful event!!




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