Batch 13’s first training course was held last January 26, 2018 at Tanay Adventure Camp. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t ready for this, I applied for this year’s batch 13 because I thought that Green Mountain Tribe Inc. (GMT) is all about outreach. But I was really challenged, which makes this experience more exciting and fun.


We met at exactly 4 AM at Mcdo Crossing. That’s also the first time I met two of my fellow applicants which is Ms. Cheryl and Justin. I met the others at our orienteering last December 4, 2017. We ate our breakfast then head off to Tanay Adventure Camp at 5 AM.

It’s around 8AM when the team arrived at the venue. After the team settled down, we prepared for our very first physical training. ‘Di pala talaga prepared ang katawang lupa ko, lalo na dun sa palaman training. Pagod is real, besh.  But I think that’s a good start for a healthy lifestyle, hindi rin kasi talaga ako nag-eexcercise. Plus, the training, led by sir Ceejay, is quite fun because of the Batch 12. Special mention si sir Joms na nag-ala Spiderman sa mountain climber crawl na activity naming nun.

We were supposed to jog that morning but unfortunately, it’s raining cats and dogs that time so we settled for indoor activities inside the gymnasium.

We rested for a while after our physical training, then we proceeded to our Basic Mountaineering Course.

Leave No Trace (LNT) and Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC)

Sir Ceejay lecturing us about LNT and introduction of BMC

At first, I thought “walang mic & projector?” (oo na, judgemental na ako) Don’t get me wrong. Jerrel and I already attended another BMC wherein the set-up looks like a real classroom completed with equipment like projector, mic.. etc.

Akala ko rin, tutal nakapag-BMC na ako dati, e, lahat ng ituturo that day ay same lang with the previous BMC I attended.


The BMC we took with GMT is way, way different than other BMCs. Sobrang tutok yung pagtuturo na ang masasabi ko ngayon na gusto ko nang ganoong klaseng BMC. Hmmm. Parang special class? Ganern.

I learned a lot of things. I don’t want to compare but GMT’s BMC is really different from the one I took before. What I’m saying is, it’s not that I haven’t learned anything from the previous BMC I took, my point is, mas naintindihan ko ngayon at mas maraming tumatak sa isip ko kasi nga tutok yung nagtuturo at ‘di lang kami basta nakatutok sa screen na iniilawan ng projector just to jot down notes.


Ms. MJ lecturing us about first aid, showing us what’s in her first aid kit, teaching us how to fold kravats and how to get vital signs.

Our batch is really Lucky for having Ms. MJ as our instructor for our first aid wilderness lecture. We learned a lot from her and she also gave us personal advices about certain things including our personal health issues.

We learned how to check for vital signs, what to do in different emergency situations and how to be an effective first aider or EMR. She also showed us her emergency kits, taught us different uses of our triangular bandage and the right application of a kravat.

 Demonstration on how to handle patients with SCI (Suspected Spinal Column Injury)

Batch 13 in action

Two things I’d like to highlight from her lecture are:

  1. When rescuing someone, make sure that the scene is safe and that you are safe.
  2. Always ask permission before first aiding someone.



 Selfie muna bago mag-sige sa mantsa (Our batch’s first groufie)

That afternoon, we prepared for team building exercises. Too bad I can’t join them that time because I was recovering from flu and I can’t afford to get sick again. But I was their photographer so I witnessed how fun and exciting the activity is.




Obstacle Course

Teamwork is the key

Lusot sa canal challenge

After the activity, they cleaned up their mud soaked body while the batch 12 prepared the dinner which is Tinolang Manok. After eating, we, Batch 13, cleaned the area and washed the dishes.


Because it was raining that night, instead of pitching our tent, we proceeded to the barracks provided by TAC.

First solid inuman with GMT members. Sobrang daming epic na nangyare. Let’s just ask Ms. Jewel (our team leader) about what happened that night. That night was one of those GMT nights I’ll always remember.



6 AM when sir Cjay’s alarm rang, and we, batch 13 are assigned in preparing the breakfast. And because I don’t know how to cook, I assigned myself in washing the dishes instead.

After breakfast, we proceeded to our BMC lecture with sir Cjay. That morning, he taught us about outdoor stuff including mountaineering codes using whistle, climb preparation, backpack and packing of equipment, meal planning and food preparation, outdoor clothing, camping shelter, outdoor defecating and camping stoves.

After the lecture, we feasted on our lunch prepared by the Batch 12 then we proceeded on our short quiz about all the thing we’ve tackled in our training course 1.

After the exams, we packed up our things then while waiting for our sundo to arrive, yung iba nagswimming then nagstart ulit ng another sesh ng inuman, then continuation ng inuman sa jeep kung san ako nabasag (never drinking again).

Our training course 1 was jampacked with knowledge and information plus the fun and exciting activities. Super saya. I-add pa yung kakulitan ng GMT member at naming mga applicant.

One thing I am sure of that time was, it’s the start of something wild, fun and exciting experience for all of us. I’ll try as hard as I can to be a member of this team and serve others just like what most of the GMT members do.

By:Janessa Rae Mendoza

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