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The eve before our endurance hike I prepare everything that I need from my stuff to myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. It was a mixed emotion for me because here in Green Mountain Tribe Inc. (GMT Inc.) some are almost “MY FIRST”, which makes me feel more excited, feel good and happy to a new adventure that I chose. (NO REGRETS!)

Batch 13 Training Course V


FEBRUARY 25, 2018


Oh my g! This is it!… So much excitement for my Mother Mountain. Heart! Heart! Heart! 

to facilitate batch 13 applicants to have their endurance at Mt. Sembrano. We arrived at exactly 06:53 AM at Barangay Malaya, Pililla (Jump-off). We log in the registration book with, Php 50.00 per head and Tour guide honorarium is Php 500.00.

Signing and registration at Barangay Malaya, Rizal

            Then, Sir Jom was assigned leaders, Team Leader; Justin Canda, Mid-Man; Janessa Mendoza, Sweeper; Jom Aquino, Scribe; FhelMendueta and an Aider;Mon Carlo Tinonas. Sir Jom introduced the radio which will be used during our climb. Also, it was first time for our batch to climb together which made us excited to feel every step of the way. (How could I say that? Find it out in our GC!)

Mr. Jom Aquino teaching how to operate two-way radio

A walkie talkie for me… pede bang ako nalang mag hawak nyan?

Interaction between short discussions of Mr. Aquino


A-TL Mon Carlo a.k.a Mokkah led the prayer

He is a good prayer leader

Setting up “Strava” application into our mobile phone as the founder command

Oh, hi Raymond!

Groufie ang mga excited na

Batch 13 applicants together with GMT members Mr. Aquino and Ma’am Elfa 

Heading to Mount Sembrano

We decided that our buddy system will be a lady and gentlemen (simalakas at simaganda). Missy for Mon Carlo, Jewel for Carl, Mae for Raymond, Janessa for Jerrel and Fhel for Justin. One thing that I really like in my team was; No one is nag aarte, it easy for us to collaborate and to accompany each other by then. And we all agreed to have a rotation of buddy every climb to have a chance to know more each other’s. (Although close na kaming lahat from team building and socials J)

Umpisa palang pawisan na …

May hingal na ako means need ko pa talagang mag training rather body conditioning… I’m just gasping!

While others also gasping too… Hindi ako nag iisa! J

Okay continue…


Hydrating ourselves

After Rehydrating and take 5, the team proceed to Manggahan and do our “Palaman” led by Mr. Aquino and assisted by Ma’am Avs with the time of 08:10 in the morning.

Palaman Photo Ops

©Photo credits by: Jom Aquino

Done our palaman…rehydrating again, photo ops and take 5

Brought 4 litters of water as a requirement

Pero hindi daw dapat gallon…sige next time 

Sharing my water to my teammate

 #waterirrigationbackpack #sharingIscaring

Though, our “palaman” is quietly tiring… selfie and fun is still there!

Recovering period…

Along the way the team experienced exhaustion, sweats, and thirst. The trail were taken was assault. (First time to experience this…eto pala yung feeling nun.)


I already felt my backpack became heavier and heavier. LEven though my bag is heavy I keep going but my pacing became slowly….

Caption this…

 Sigh… I looked so weak here…

Honestly, I really appreciate my buddy Carl for extending his hand for me.


My knees quietly weaken and really tired.

Gladly Sir Jom offered me to exchange our bags when the north peak was near… thank you sir Jom! That time I felt refreshed! And my energy was restored. While Jerrel also carrying heavy back pack.  He is also tired during the climb because of his camera.

And I, ngiting tagumpay!… hihihi…Can’t wait to be on top!

Mt. Sembrano, South peak

11:45 A.M

          As per Sir Jom, the applicants will continue until we reach the summit with the two tour guide. The two members will stay at south peak to guard our belongings 1 radio will be with them and the other two radios will be given to Team lead and sweeper.

Our batch was really blessed with a good weather. Prior to our endurance we prayed for a good weather because we are afraid in intensive sun exposure. In the middle of our climb, Mon started to feel his leg awful then leg crumps… Janessa already radio to TL and Ground Crew what had happened. Carl to the rescue became an instant aider to Mon. Mon can’t really move so that, Sir Jom order us to Mon and Missy going back to South peaks for safety. And the 8 applicants should reach the summit with 1 guide.

Mt. Sembrano Summit

Pang Malakasan Pose!

The summit has no clearing. The temperature was cold, we took photographs, kwentuhan and kulitan. Then, our tummy give us a signal to descent.

We took our lunch at exactly 12:12 noon in south peaks, sharing our food and trail Foods. While, in the middle of our lunch rain slightly poured. But na wala rin sya kaagad. Then, kakai accompanied by Jerrel; She will lay her golden bars sa Pilapil. J ahahaha!. And kakai was dreaming for a “portable videt”. 😛 peace yow! Janessa. J J J The place was relaxing and with a cold weather. After our lunch break, 12:42 P.M We started to descent to Manggahan and drink fresh buko. Then, went to jump off. BTW, we didn’t visit Manggahan Falls it’s our team decision.

          We reach our jump off Barangay Malaya at exactly 3:20 in the afternoon. We took a bath there to freshen up our exhausted bods.

Batch 13 Endurance Hike Done and Still Fresh!


  • Rambull’s Bakahan Sa Tanay

We rode a jeepney and tricycle from JOP to RambullsBulalohan for our early Dinner

After we endure our endurance… Two cups of rice please!

Wacky shot while waiting J

And took a van going to Manila and at 8:00 in the evening we land in Manila.

Actual Itinerary:

0653 ETA Brgy. Malaya, Pililla (jump-off). Register.

0810 ETA Manggahan

0850 trail

0930 start trek

1030 ETA North Peak

1145 South Peak (summit)

1212  ETA North Peak Lunch

1242  Start trek to Manggahan

1350 Start descent.

1520 JOP Brgy. Malaya



  1. During day hike bag should be lightweight.
  2. Water discipline.
  3. I will not bring gallon again.
  4. Keep moving and do physical training as much as possible.


I realized that you have to trust yourself, have courage and stand to your own decisions, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE may masasabi at masasabi sila tungkol sayo. Therefore, I make it as a self-reminder to strive more and work well sa mga goals ko. And yes, I know, I am not physically fit; weak and maarte. Also, not an athlete. It wouldn’t be a hindrance to stop. (so, when things bugging me up, duuhh…I don’t care!) As long as I am happy I’ll keep on going. That’s a sure thing!  (ang laki na kaya ng improvement ko!)J


Thank you batch 13 for a great team work and supporting one another.

Thank you Jerrel Salvatierra for photograph credit.

Thank you Jessie Vitalicio for your support from the start until the end. (My buddy)

Thank you Sir Joms and Ms. Avs for the advices, support and take charge of us.

Thank you Sir Ceejay(The Founder) for monitoring us all the way.

Thank you GMT for bringing this new learning, fun, excitement and discoveries into our life.

Well appreciated!

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