Hiking is not just reaching the summit, it can also reach others heart.

Hiking is not just reaching the summit, it can also reach others heart.
Hiking is not just reaching the summit, it can also reaching others heart.
April 30, 2018
By: Dece Mae N. Delima

Mt. Asog

After Mt. Isarog  the team Green Mountain Tribe with us Batch13 Warriors made side trip climb to Mt. Asog so that we can maximize our mountaineering trip to Bicol Region. Mt. Asog, also known as Mt. Iriga an old volcano in the Bicol Region with Elevation of 1,140 MASL, Minor climb with difficulty level of 4/9. Since we already climb Mt. Isarog which is Major Climb our thinking that Mt. Asog is “Minor lang pala kaya yan”.

Batch 13 warrior

The night before we climb Mt. Asog we ready  and distribute the school supplies, toys, candies and slippers for us to carry since we also do Gift Giving to the Aeta Community at Iriga

The disgreagation and distribution of gifts from the heart

Slippers and school supplies

Wake up call 4:00 in the morning and exactly 4:30 we start walk towards Jollibee near our Lodge and eat breakfast. After Breakfast we walk again towards Bus terminal going to Iriga, City.

Bus from Naga Terminal to Iriga

We arrived Brgy. San Nicolas, Iriga City at 7:30 am. We went to their Brgy. Hall Register and get a local guide before the proper climb. Registration is not just for collecting fees, it is beneficial to all hikers for their safety.

@ Barangay Hall waiting

After registration we take tricycle to the jump off. We start our trek by 9:00 am after some briefing and discussions of do’s and don’ts.

The Tricycle ride

The main purpose of our climb is to reach and meet the Native of Iriga as a part of our Gift giving. We give school supplies, toys, candies and slippers to the children. This is most exciting and worthy climb that I experienced. It feels like you are giving them hope for their future and inspire them to help others. As a return to us, they give their pure innocent smile that the small work from our hearts are big things that can help them to aim high for their future.

After gift Giving we start our trek, the trail going to summit is an open trail. It is dry trail, dusty and few trees. There is no water source along the trail. It almost ¼ of our trek when 5 of our team members back out and decided to go back to jump off because most part of Mt. Asog are exposed to the sun and some are not yet fully recovered from Mt. Isarog Climb. If you are planning to climb Mt. Asog, I highly recommend to bring enough water base on your consumption and wear appropriate clothing that will protect you from sunburn.

12:00 when we reach the camp site, take a lunch, rest for a while and resume trek to the summit.

We reach the summit by 1:30 pm. The view at the summit is satisfying, all efforts and time we spent going to the summit was paid by beautiful overview of Iriga, cold and relaxing air will ease your “pagod”. We rest, picture taking and reciting The Climb against Cancer Prayer.

Summit with GMT Officers, Members, and Batch 13 Warriors

The Batch 13 Warriors who reach the Summit

The Power of Six

By 2:00 pm we start descend it takes only 1 hr. when we reach the jump off

The batch 13 warriors

Jump off going to Bus Terminal

Never under estimate the Mountains especially the weather kahit minor mountain lang yan.

Thanks to GMT Officers and members, and to my fellow GMT Batch 13 warriors for the worthy and memorable hike.    Awwooo…       Aaawooooo….

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