Osprey Stratos 36

By: Neza Mendoza

I bought my Osprey Stratos 36, my first hiking backpack, at Bukluran Outdoor Shop (get yours from their shop too!). Thanks to sir Ceejay because he helped me pick a great backpack that really suits me.

Osprey Stratos 36’s width, height and capacity (2 lb 13 oz / 1.29 kg) just fits me well and it can be hand-carried in airplane. Its Hip belt also fits me well, not too tight and not too loose and I am comfortable with it. I seldom feel the weight in my back and in my shoulders. The weight of the pack is distributed in my hips and legs. The hip belts have two small pockets where I usually put my trail food, phone and alcohol for super easy access.

It has two easy to open top pockets. I can separate my valuable items and emergency kit for easy grab. It also has separate bottom pockets, one for tent/sleeping bag and another small pocket for its rain cover. It has two side pockets for a medium sized water bottle. There are also two loops for trekking poles, but since I don’t always bring a trekking pole with me, I am using these holes for tent poles and it worked very well. Compression straps are also easy to handle and is really helpful  in securing the load inside the bag. It is also a big help in maintaining my balance. The cargo area’s main access is via top, and zippers in the front. The bag is quite big for a dayhike, just right for an overnight hike, but I think it is quite small for a multi-day hike.

What I really love about my Osprey Stratos 36 is its Airspeed back. It helps my back breathe and keep my sweat to a minimum. I am a really sweaty person, so with this backpack’s ventilation technology, climbing with a backpack in an intense day heat is really helpful.

I first used my Osprey in a major climb in Bicol and it did not disappoint me. I can move well while equipped with a full pack. I didn’t feel soreness in the shoulder and back too. It is well designed, compresses well and is durable.

During Mt. Isarog Climb

Overall, I am happy with this pack and it’s highly recommendable for ladies with a small built body and for the first-timers in the mountaineering field.

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