By: Neza Mendoza



Enticing isn’t it? So I bought my first trail shoes at Sandugo, Pavilion Shaw Boulevard.

I’m not really a fan of using shoes for trail. I’ve used sandals in all my climbs before, when I wasn’t an applicant of Green Mountain Tribe. What I thought before is that shoes will limit my steps because I can’t move my toenails inside it. But in our BMC with GMT, I’ve learned that shoes are really essential in climbing a mountain. It’s not just a shoe; it is your gear to make sure you’re safe in your journey.

I really don’t have big budget that time so I looked for a low-budget trail shoes. And in time, when I have enough money, I’ll just buy another set of trail shoes with higher budget and from foreign brand. I kind of made this Sandugo shoes my temporary Trail Shoes… and so I thought.

Sir Cjay suggested that for a low-cost but good quality trail shoes, I should visit the Sandugo store in Pavilion, Shaw Blvd. Branch, for there are big discounts and sale there. And he’s right. I found my first trail shoes there. At first I was hesitant because the color is not my type: ORANGE. But I’ll be foolish to refuse such good deal. And so, for around P600 pesos, I bought it.

I really thought that it would not last for long. But I was wrong. I used it in different mountains already, minor and major. One major climb lasted for 14 hrs but it did not wear out. My feet can also breathe comfortably inside these shoes. My thoughts of not moving around freely because of shoes are gone because this Sandugo shoes are really comfortable. Its gritted sole is great, it’s not slippery. I can say that I can depend my life on this shoes and that it is really safe to use.

Its downside is that my sole hurts the first time I used it. It’s not the shoes’ fault, actually. I’m knock-knee or “piki”, so the landing of my feet is really the cause of why my feet hurt.

I don’t know how to make a technical gear review so I’m just sharing you my experience. All I can say is: so far, so good.  I will not buy another set of trail shoes until my Sandugo shoes wore out because I am really frugal with money.

I highly recommend this for a low-cost, starter’s trail shoe.

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