Orienteering & Skill Test

Orienteering & Skill Test

Orienteering & Skill Test

By: Raymond Verdis

July 14, 2018, we meet up at McDonald’s Starmall exactly at 4:00 AM and hired a jeepney going to Tanay Adventure Camp. This is the second time that our batch has conducted a training course in TAC but this time we are only 9. Missy Chua can’t join us due to personal errands.

Upon arrival in Tanay Adventure Camp, we were instructed to surrender our personal belongings including our tent, cookset, burner, clothes and toiletries which will be used in our Skill Test.

Sir Ceejay Custodio, founder of GMT started the lecture about orienteering a map. Together with Sir Marvin Benavidez of Tanay Adventure Camp they taught us how to properly use a compass and to navigate a map from one location to another. We also learned how to identify coordinates on the map by using grid lines.

We were given a topographical map per team to exercise our land navigational skills that we learned from the lecture. Using the coordinates given to us by Sir Marvin and the navigational tools we brought, each team were assigned to find one from either butane, mineral water & criminal water scattered around Tanay Adventure Camp.

Our batch were divided into three teams where we compete in our skill test.

The teams were:

Team Alpha – Raymond Verdis, Dece Mae Delima & Fhel Mendenueta

Team Bravo – Justin Jan Canda, Jewel Deorayom, Jerrel Salvatierra & Mabel Baldo as guest participant from batch 12

Team Charlie – Janessa Mendoza, Mon Carlo Tinonas & Carl Vitalicio




Skill Test:

Just like we’re competing in the Amazing Race, we do our Skill Test. This is the culmination of all the training courses we’ve attended since the beginning of our application in Green Mountain Tribe Inc.


Each team were given 3 different coordinates within Tanay Adventure Camp where our personal belongings located. Using the topographical map and the navigational tools we brought, each team must find all their things in 3 different locations within 1 hour.

It was a bit chaotic but we had so much fun. We feel the adrenaline rush of the competition since this is the first time that we have competed against each other.


After we found all our personal belongings from our orienteering task, it’s time to get dirty. We are instructed to do the mudslide and to complete its obstacle course.

10km road run:

One member per team must complete a 10 km. road run outside the Adventure Camp. Runners for each team were:

Team Alpha – Raymond,               Team Bravo – Jerrel,                       Team Charlie – Mon

It was very hot outside TAC but we manage to stay cool and finished the course.

Rope Management:

Non-runners of each team were assigned to perform different kinds of rope knots that we learned in our 2nd Training Course in Mt. Talamitam jumpoff. Some knots performed were Square knot, 2half hitch, figure of 8, double fisherman knot, bowline, and clove hitch.

High Angle Rappelling:

Each team member must perform 3 different styles of rappelling (one person per style/technique).

  1. The basic rappel position
  2. Australian or the Run down rappel, and
  3. The lizard rappelling.

Team member performing different rappelling techniques were:

Team Alpha – Fhel (Basic Rappel), Mae (Australian), Raymond (Lizard)

Team Bravo – Jewel (Basic Rappel), Justin (Australian), Jerrel (Lizard)

Team Charlie – Mon (Basic Rappel), Carl (Australian), Janessa (Lizard)

First Aid:

Teams were instructed to go to Ms. Mabel Baldo. She told us to perform some first aid task that was taught during our BMC and BLS. Some first aid task performed were 5 basic vital signs, bandaging.

Jewel & Justin performing arm sling bandage


2 members of each team must complete a 40 laps of relay freestyle swimming in the pool. Swimmers for each team were:

Team Apha:        [Mae & Fhel]

Team Bravo:       [Justin & Jewel]

    Team Charlie:    [Carl & Janessa]

GMT Batch 13 in their swimming attire


Team Alpha finished first. Followed by Team Charlie, and Team Bravo bringing up the rear. As winners, me, Mae & Fhel had a chance to pick among the prizes sponsored by GMT, and the remaining prize that we didn’t picked were given to the losing team as consolation.

We may compete against each other on this day but we still remain as one solid batch 13. This training course tested not just our knowledge and skills but also our communication and teamwork. We are very thankful to Sir Ceejay and to all our seniors and mentors for helping us grow as an individual and to be a responsible outdoor enthusiast.

After our skill test, we had our dinner and then socials afterwards!

The following day we do Slack lining.

Slack lining:

The team set up a slack line rope, where we need to balance and cross a suspended lenght of flat webbing from one end to another.

At first we thought it’s easy to cross the slack line rope but it was really difficult to maintain our balance and it’s very wobbly in the middle.

Batch 13 showing their balancing skills in slack line rope

After we had our lunch, we swim and play like kids (at heart)! We play the traditional Filipino game called “Mataya Taya” while swimming in the pool.

We had so much laughter and fun playing that we didn’t notice the time and our jeep has arrived. It’s already 5:00 PM and we need to go home.

One last shot. GMT Batch 13 with Sir CJ, MJ, Mabel and Sir Marvin of TAC

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