Climb management / preparation and comprehensive wilderness 1st aid with trauma care

Climb management / preparation and comprehensive wilderness 1st aid with trauma care

Climb management/ preparation and comprehensive wilderness 1st aid with trauma care
By: Batch 14

One of the most important things that I look forward in joining GMT, was to learn the BASIC MOUNTAINEERING COURSE it teaches you the basics of mountaineering. Starting with the climb management/ preparation and comprehensive wilderness 1st aid with trauma care, the inclusion of the BMC Course 1 being offered by GMT. The training was held at Tanay Adventure Camp (TAC) on October 21-22, 2018. The area has 3-hectare, it has a swimming pool; 2 well-designed, 230 m. long zip lines; 50 ft. high wall climbing facility; an extreme mud slide; rope courses; mountain bike and ATV trail; campsite and accommodation facilities. All of the 10 active batch 14 applicants were present on the said event. We are personally excited because we get to do overnight camping with surprise activities and a lot of learnings to do so. Aside from that as batch 14 applicant ,this is our chance to socialize with our fellow applicants and the members of the GMT. The training was headed by Sir Ceejay who took care of the lectured-on camp management and climb preparation. Ma’am Mj the GMT Vice-president gave the overview of wilderness 1st aid, Vital Signs checking and Patient packaging. These were very interesting topics and very helpful indeed, lectures were comprehensive even for the short time we’ve got. Just exactly what you need if you were starting to get inclined with the mountaineering. With this, we became more confident to go out and explore the beauty of the wilderness. GMT integrates the application of these courses on our succeeding TC’s which we really look forward to. We may not be that fit and knowledgeable yet when it comes to this aspect, but we know that we could grow and improve moving forward  with the help of GMT people .The team already have an experience in climbing and we want to make sure that we know the basics about  mountaineering  as well as we  want to become a part of GMT family.    And we were confident enough to say we are in the right group.

***Sir Ceejay while doing the Lecture about basic mountaineering Course

***Ma’am MJ while doing the lecture about basic life support.

****This is our team warming up before kame tumakbo with applicant and members which is lead by sir Ceej Custudio.

***** This are the photos before and after we do all the activities (mud slide, rope courses etc.) prepared by all the officers.

The long day is over. After we ate our dinner, we had our social before we turned the lights out.

DAY 2 :
We  woke up at 5:00AM. We are the one who assigned to cook our breakfast. Ma’am Dei and ma’am Cel are our master chef while ma’am Jazz and I are their assistant. Dranreb and Biboy are the one who cooked the rice.  Around 7:00AM breakfast was already served. Rain, Paula and Je are the one assigned to wash the dishes.  By 8:00AM ma’am MJ started the demo of our lecture for Day 1.  Wilderness 1st aid, Vital Signs checking and Patient Packaging.

****Performing wilderness 1st aid headed my ma’am Mj.

****Batch 14 preparing our breakfast.

Around 6:00PM we packed our things up so that we can go back home. As we went on, our hearts was filled of joy because as individuals, we coped up new learnings while we do what we want in our life.  Most especially, the new friendship built, strong teamwork, bonding and the experience that we must treasure every day.



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