Long day Hike: Malarayat  Mountain Ridge

Long day Hike: Malarayat  Mountain Ridge

Long day Hike: Malarayat  Mountain Ridge


Lots of climber do descend and ascend now nowadays. It took passion, courage, patient and agility to ascend. If you are Aiming to climb several peaks at a time , heading to Batangas is the best for you.
Feb. 16-17,2019 as part of GMT BATCH 14 applicant Training Course. The team together with Batch 13 and sir Ceejay(GMT PRESIDENT) went to MALARAYAT PEAK. The mountain situated in the province of Batangas covering the Municipalities of Sto. Tomas and Talisay. This mountain is cool, forested, and verdant for the most part, even the summit. Other areas are grassy as well. Around 7:56AM we started ascending to Mt. Malipunyo peak with big backpacks.  Miss Jewel is our lead.   I was nervous thinking Kaya ko kaya to? Hindi kaya ako mahihimatay along the trail?

***Along the Trail with Mt. Manlipunyo

The trails have 3 peaks. Namely peak 1, peak 2 and peak 3 which is the summit. As we ascend to the summit I did not feel like  nanghihina kaya so thankful ako deep down na okey si katawan ko. At: 11:30 we’re on summit.

MT. Malipunyo peak

AT 12:00PM we were on Balete. We took our lunch together with our Guide kuya(please insert kuya guide).At axaclty 1:00PM, were on our way to biyak na bundok most of the trail are descending. This mountain has an impressive view. We saw lots of Tae ng  Alamid na ginagawang coffee.  As we reach the summit we took a rest for almost 10 mins. and took some photos as well.

***Biak na Bundok peak

Going to Mt. Maraduhan the trail is full of over grown Grasses, Vines and many wild plants that none of us knew whats the name but all we knew is that pwedeng malaslas balat mo kung wala kang Jacket. Speaking of laslas, I have lots na at this time bec. Of unknown wild plants. Along the way was nakakapagud  kasi and daming  daanan na   kailangan mong gumapang under the vines . At this time I was shouting like” Lord!!!  Bakit may pa gapang  gapang na naman masakit na tuhod kokung alam mo lang”. Sir Ceejay at laught at me.

To. Mt Maraduhan. With gapangpang style(wala kame picture sa summit kasi nagmamadali

As we descent to Mt. Manabo  nasira ang  sandals ko. Like WTF!! Why you give up easily sandals? Why you leave me in times of need.  Magpapaa naba ako ? Luckily sir Ceej  has a  duct tape in Sir Raymond Bag.  Buti nalang kumapit si sandal hindi ako totally iniwan. Around 6:00 PM we reach the campsite of Mt. Manabo. Lots of campers are already on the area. We set our tent as well as our things inside it. After that we prepared for our dinner.  Before we off the Light we have some fun Like. Social with the group.

***Preparing and eating dinner photos

***Preparing breakfast in day 2


Mt/s. Malipunyo – Balete – Biyak na Bundok – Maraduhan – Manabu

Day 01 (Feb 16)
0400 Assembly at JAM Bus Station Beside LRT Gil Puyat
0430 ETD To SM Lipa
0630 SM Lipa / Take tric to Malipunyo JOP
0650 ETA JOP / Final Prep
0700 Start Trek to Mt.Malipunyo Via Flat Saddle 1-3
1130 ETA Malipunyo Summit / Lunch
1230 Resume Trek to Balete
1300 ETA Balete
1400 ETA Tri House
1530 ETA Biak na Bundok / Photo Ops / Rest
1600 Resume Trek
1700 ETA Maraduhan
1800 ETA Manabu Camp

0600 Wake Up call / Prepare Bfast / Bfast
0800 Break camp / Pack up
0900 Start Descent Via Grotto Trail
0945 ETA Grotto / Rest
1030 ETA Exit Point / wash up
1200 ETD to SM Lipa / Lunch
1330 ETD to Manila
1630 ETA Manila

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