Ropework Techniques and Rappelling

Ropework Techniques and Rappelling

Ropework Techniques and Rappelling
by: BATCH 14


To complete the BASIC MOUNTAINEERING COURSE by GMT, TC02 is the continuation of the of the

lectures on Camp Management, Ropeworks and Wilderness survival +High angle Rappelling, which

We can describe as more physical and intense part of the course just by reading the title itself. Done with the preparation of  first aids now is focusing on survival skills and techniques, introduction with advanced equipment s in terms of mountaineering.

Almost after a month after completing the part 1 of this course due to our busy schedules, we are able to find time on November 10-11, 2018 at Layong Bilog Set Camp, Nasugbo Batangas. The place was at foot of Mt. Talamitam a known hiking destination. It was another challenging weekend and lot of fun even though we are down to 7. It was inevitable and expected to happen, but if you are certain with your goal and commitment to something all things will be in right place no matter what. This training course were headed by Ma’am Neza &  Sir Jerrel who continued the lecture for the Camp Management, Sir Rhynald

***Ma’am Neza while discussing the camp management

*** The team while performing rope work leaded by Rhynald

Sir Ceejay who introduced us with the ropework techniques/ rappelling. For this particular Course your strength and skills will be tested, and your alertness is important since this is not the part where you try to survive in the wilderness. We certainly didn’t want to end up to survival mode, but when you are out there anything can happened, so it is important that you are prepared. You should know how to become resourceful but at the same time keeping in mind the LNT principle because as a mountaineer you should know the importance of nature, so that we can preserve the resources and beauty of the wilderness. We don’t just explore mountains/forests, we should also keep them the way they are and protect them.

** Ceejay who introduced us with the ropework techniques/ rappelling.


***Batch14 tryout the rappelling

**Batch 14 photos after the training

*** GMT member and batch 14 Group Photos at the campsite.

We had lots of fun learning the ropeworks techniques although it was not easy to recall every step butpretty sure with practice we can make our self-familiar with this. The rappelling was quiteintense but this is the most enjoyable part the training activities. If you are a thrill seeker, this kind of games in life  is the best  for you. Learning with this kind of technique/ skill  while having fun  was a great privilege  and has a big impact for each individual. We undergone this training aiming to be equipped with skills and knowledge in this course for the preparation in case of emergency. Laging hangda  ika nga. Again,The weekend was  full of learnings, fun and socials with the tribe. Looking forward, the team are

Excited for the next training course that we were be able to undergo with GMT people.

Every step we take in this endeavor was considered as milestone for all of us.

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