About The Team


Green Mountain Tribe Inc. (GMT Inc.) is an organization of Volunteers, Athletes and nature aficionados which defined by their zeal for the great outdoors. The name gives regard to their founders who are Filipinos and are beholden to the Philippine mountains which are mostly ‘green’. They are a tribe as their bond surpasses common pursuit to wit considering all members of the group as family. In Filipino, they are called “tribu ng luntiang kabundukan”.

The group is founded by Ceejay Custodio and Dave Mason on the 25th of March, 2005 which began with 14 members. Their certain love for nature, exploration and extreme activities brought them together. As the years progressed, they constantly encouraged others to join their endeavors. To date, there are now 90 or more members excluding non-inductees.

GMT believes that anyone can be an team leader. They have organizing committees with respective leads who pilots the group on each exploration. These leads are responsible in designating tasks and hone other members into becoming proficient leaders who are not only knowledgeable on basics of being a mountaineer but also uphold all values and virtues of a true environmentalist.

GMT is committed to leaving the wonders of nature untainted by advocating the “Leave No Trace” principle. In line with that, the group also stresses the importance of ‘giving back’ to the environment through their participation with the Animal Welfare Coalition and engaging in activities such as Seedling Planting, Rescue and Relief Volunteers, Outreach programs and Medical missions, additionally, are other projects of the group in view of their yearning to help those who are in need.


To establish a group of outdoor enthusiasts who encourages solidarity, comradeship and personal well-being of each of its members.


To safeguard the environment, protect the natural world and show respect for life by being of assistance to the underprivileged.


Greetings fellow tribesmen,

As part of our initiative to make Green Mountain Tribe a more fun, organized, and active group, we encourage you to send us your feedback on anything about GMT (climbs, events, rules, etc.).

You can post your concerns, suggestions, comments, etc. on this group page. The GMT officers are also available if you need support and assistance on anything that concerns the group:

We hope to hear from you guys. Let’s all do our part for the benefit of all!!!

We don’t just explore the outdoors
We Reach Out – Educate – Volunteer – Cure

Green Mountain Tribe Inc. 2005 – Present

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