GMT Inc. Off Road Racing Team

Green Mountain Tribe Inc. Off road racing team

Green Mountain Tribe Inc. has been scaling different mountains for the past decade.

And as the Tribe’s passion to the great outdoor advances, we as a Team decided to adopt and welcome new extreme challenges that the great outdoors has to offer.

Basically GMT Inc Off road racing team was formed to serve as a sub-team from the original group Green Mountain Tribe Inc..  It all started mid-2009 when GMT members started to join fun races. The first fun run was a 10km road run that turned into a half marathon followed by a Full Mary. After that, a friend introduced Trail running to the team and everyone find it more challenging and more fun. It is also where the off road races and cross country mountain biking started.

GMT Inc. Off road racing team is for those who welcome pain as their friend, hugs the scorching heat as their brother and kiss the miles like their family ten times!  Yes 10x the fun and 10x harder! Everyone is welcome to join the team, All you need is to attend some trainings, seminars and be crazy like us! So what are you waiting for? Join us as we explore more miles and meet crazy people on Our team.


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