Animal Welfare Coalition (A.W.C.)

Founded on June 15, 2006
An organization composed of veterinarians, local communities and private institutions. All members are volunteers.
To improve animal health and care.
To advocate animal health and public health as joint programs.
To include all stakeholders to partner in providing better animal care.

 Tanay Mountaineers

Engr. Carlos E Inofre, Founding chairman
The source of leaders who are competent in the skills of their profession, confident in their abilities, responsible for their people, environment, and committed to the accomplishment of their mission.
1. To preserve, protect, study, explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.
2. To serve as a stand-by search and rescue group in times of disaster and emergencies.
3. To conduct education and training related to environmental awareness and nature conservation, disaster risk reduction/emergency preparedness and recreational activities.
4. To produce and develop effective and competent leaders

Climb Against Cancer Pilipinas

Founder: Nanay Nini Sacro
Climb Against Cancer (CAC) is a volunteer group of mountaineers on a mission to bring school supplies to remote mountain communities. And pray for cancer victims on every peak. It all started in 2010, when Nini Sacro organized a group of mountaineers to raise funds for the construction of a pediatric ward for indigent cancer patients at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). After accomplishing their mission, the group then set out to help address a problem they have seen in their treks all over the country. The pitiful state of basic education facilities and materials in remote mountain communities. Where dilapidated shacks serve as classrooms. Barefooted children walk for miles and sometimes even swim across rivers just to go to school. Where they share pencil stubs, scratch paper, and tattered school books. Because lack of education is a social cancer that also needs to be cured, Climb Against Cancer shifted its advocacy to community education. The group now treks to some of the most far-flung mountain communities to bring badly needed school supplies like pencils, notebooks, and teaching materials. In partnership with other like-minded groups, CAC has also helped build new classrooms for some communities. We at Climb Against Cancer invite you to join us in our mission. Like our Page. Donate school supplies to the cause. Sponsor a community school. You can even join us in our climbs. With your help, we can bring education and hope to the remotest and most neglected mountain barangays in the Philippines.


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Founder/Owner: Roel Rea

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Owner: Fritz and May

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