Green Mountain Tribe is committed to leaving the wonders of nature untainted by advocating the LNT principle. In line with that, the group also stresses the importance of “giving back” to the environment through their participation with the Animal Welfare Coalition and engaging in other outdoor sustainable pursuits like tree planting activities. Likewise, educational outreach programs and medical missions are some of the group’s other projects in view of their yearning to help those who are in need.


In order to participate and engage in such activities, Green Mountain Tribe has adopted measures on acquiring the needed funds for certain projects. Examples of them are donations in kind, monthly/annual meeting contributions, membership fees from aspiring applicants, equipment rental fees, organization fees, providing basic mountaineering courses as well as outdoor activities such as rappelling and caving, hike and beach camp and the like. The acquired funds are then optimized to its full potential keeping in mind to cover as many recipients as possible.

Here are some photos of the Outreach programs (both Urban and Rural), Relief Operations, Seedling Plantings and more. from 2010 – Present


Green Mountain Tribe Inc. Yearly Urban outreach (Road Raid)


Relief Operation during Typhoon Hayan with Team Land Rover Ph


Mt.Ugo Outreach Program Yr 2012


Seedling planting Yr 2011


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